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Face your fears

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Some people are genuinely frozen by fear-

The big thing with fear is that we always worry about something that "might" happen in the future- and more often than not it's out of our control.

Most of us let fear stop us from taken the step to achieve their dream,

People even Try to avoid fear!

Even successful people have fear, but the difference is they embrace it and not let it stop them from achieving their dream or goal.

Our fears are not life threatening!

Fact! We are only born into this world with two fears..

1 of falling and the other is a fear of loud noises.

Everything else we learn!

Will Smith ~ "fear is not real- the only place fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It's a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that are not present - Danger is very real - but fear is a choice"

We need to feel fear, we just can't avoid it - we can't stop it but we need to continue to move forward.

1) What do you fear exactly?

2) What's your goal?

3) what are you fearing that prevents you from reaching your goal or your dream?

Remember our fears are self created. We fear the negative outcomes *that could possibly happen- or might happen* preventing us from moving forward with life

When we can create these fears - we can stop ourselves from thinking this way by the following

1) Change your mindset around it..

2) Take your goal and break it down into a more manageable approach

3) Think about your goal why you want it?

So what is going on inside your head?

Have you a fear of moving forward? - if so are you ready to face them?

If so give me a ring and book an appointment and we can work on your fears together.


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