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Let Go of your past - Create your future

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

In order to create the future you wish for - let go of the past that might be holding your back.

Hanging onto memories or ones failures is keeping you from achieving your goals and your desires.

You are not your suffering!

You are not your past!

You are not your story!

Things happen to all of us - it makes us who we are.

Stopping attachment to the past and letting go aint easy.. but when one realises all the things that have happened in the past, one can start to accepting the present and start creating our own future.

Letting go of fears..

-Fear of failure

-Past failures

-Fear of success

Yes Fear of success can be a big thing!

Some people can fear success - it's the unknown.

When we Fear success- we are fearing what we have to do to be successful- it's Fear of the unknown as we are leaving our comfort zone.

This employs us doing things that we never done in order to be able to do that we have never done - scary thought maybe?

So we have to embrace those type of fears into the unknown.

Letting go of the pain and anger that have happened to you in the past.

Things that you - yourself are angry for or about.

Things that others have done to you in the past that you are angry about.

Letting go of those things!

-Letting go of limiting beliefs

Letting failures of the past limit your beliefs for your future.

Let them go!

Bad memories- we all have different memories be that they good or bad..stop reliving them.

There is nothing we can do about our past! - nothing!

Not now

Not tomorrow

Or even the following day.

Learn to be present by letting go of our mental/physical burden and be in this moment NOW.

we all have different paths taken to this point in our lives.. we all have our own story.

I want my own story. I knew I could make an impact in this world so I learned to accept my story.

I cant change my past but I can learn from it, and plan my future.

So what in your life do you need to make peace with?

Journaling is a great way to get thoughts and feelings down on paper.. in some way it can help realise those feeling just to be able to see it written down!

Of course some people find it difficult to let go of the past- some are attached to it and afraid to let go.

The following have helped me to let go

1) Accept it.. it has happened already!

*Stop over thinking about how it could have turned out

*What they could have done differently

*more importantly what you could have done differently

We can't go back and change it. We have to accept what happened.

If its a reoccurring thought -replace it

with the best day of your life thought.

2) learn something from it.. a lesson learned in order not to repeat the same behaviour and handle things differently.

3) Move on

Create the rest of your story.

You can't rewrite your past but one can rewrite the present moment and the future.

Make it a success story where you overcame your past.

We all have problems and bad memories

Taken for example relationship issues ..

Don't make the last person or current person in your life suffer from the last person's faults/ mistakes.

Journal your thoughts and feelings,

Turn the next page of your book,

If this resonates with you- talk to me, Book an appointment.

Together we will leave the past in the past and create your future


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