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Over coming procrastination

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Procrastination is something we all do, but wish we didn't.

Why - do we do it?

And how to stop it!

Maybe their are many reasons..

Maybe you are afraid to start something,

Maybe you are afraid of the unknown,

Are you afraid of failing or afraid of success? or are you waiting for the perfect moment?..

In actual fact- you are never going to be ready

One needs to make the move and see what happens!

Maybe it seems easier not to do something- that to do something!

How do you stop ? - and just do it!

1) Make a to-do list, and shorten than list to the top three things that you need to do!

What is the most important thing to do today (preferably first thing in the morning) this will feel like you accomplished something!

2) Wake up earlier! Everyone's will power is at the highest in the morning. Its true to say willpower will lessen as the day goes on

So do the most important thing you need to get done first thing in the morning

3) Eliminate temptation - stay away from TV, stay off Facebook and Instagram and stop scrolling through your phone! - so much valuable time can be wasted!

4) Why is it important?

We always think of the obligation and not the opportunity.

We seem to think of the task ahead.. thinking of what we have to to and not what we get out of it

5) Move your body! and notice your energy levels go up.. one feels better after a walk ! Get yourself out! Fresh air.. when one feels better one is more motivated to do what they keep putting off..

So remember don't put something off until tomorrow- what you can do today! Tomorrow is not guaranteed! So live for today!

So if you need help please give me a ring book an appointment and we can work together and improve your situation.


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