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So who are your top 5 friends?

The people we have as our friends either give us energy or take it away!

How do you pick your top 5 people you want to spend time with?

Jim Rohn (a motivational speaker) said ~ we are the average of who we spend time with..

The people you spend your time with will shape who you are!

Their are the people who suck energy out of you. Being around these people make you tired and it may feel like your energy is pulled from you. It takes so much mental strength to be around them.

They continually spend their time calling you, and complaining about life ,or sending you text messages... or worse still the whole conversation may be all about them and they show no regard to your own well-being! You could be having a good enough day and this person would put you on a downer and completely step on your day!

I call this person a vacuum..(sucking your energy up)

So is their someone in your life a vacuum?

It's ok to step back from friendships that drain or stress you! Your looking after yourself!

See it as a gift to yourself stepping back from an unhealthy relationship is an act of self respect and it frees up more time and energy for the people in your life that actually matter!

Stepping back gives you an opportunity to focus on your family and your goals and your dreams..

On the other hand we have people we want to be around. Being around them makes you feel a better person. They expand our mindset. They make us think bigger. When we are done taking to them you have more energy and more excitement towards your life. They challenge our thoughts and help us see things differently maybe.. and think bigger!

Their attitude is so infectious it makes you feel good and your a better person because of this.

These to me are chargers!

Find someone who you would see as a charger in your life.

I know it can be difficult to step back from some people in your life especially if they are related to you, close to you Or a family member..

Stepping back is not cutting out!

And if you feel you can be helpful .. Do.

No judgement if you feel unable to take their calls.. or have the strength to listen.. you need to take care of yourself!

If you are not trained to deal with this it can be very hard so be gentle with yourself.

So who is in your top 5? Are they vacuums or chargers?

Do you need to upgrade?

Luckily for me I absolutely love my job and only willing to help anyone who is having a difficult time in their life.. I am here to listen and guide you anyway I can.. so please don't hesitate to give me a ring and book an appointment and we can work on your feeling/thoughts together.


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