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The importance of crying

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Crying is a biological necessity. it is the first reset button for your mind, body and soul.

It brings your body back into center. It is important to rebalance and realign. Crying allows you to accomplish this through the release of toxins, toxic energy and stress.

How many of you out there actually cry?

Every single one of you who refuse to cry - because someone told you it made you weak! its time to ditch that idea!!

This anti cry has been going on far too long for years probably and it needs to stop.

Boys were told don't cry and act like men and then we wonder why men have the highest suicide rate.

when I was young I heard these words,

"Do not to cry -its not ok it makes you weak"

Boys don't cry its a feminine act

Everyone is fighting a battle - everyone has demons - be a man

Big boys don't cry!

I personally cry for sad and happy events. It could be watching a film and even sometimes I put on a film for the sake of crying because it releases toxins and stress.

There are three types of crying

1) Basal tears

Your tear ducts produces constantly - every time you blink that is what is released. it keeps your eyes clean - protein rich antibacterial liquid

2) Reflex tears

when you get something in your eye and your eye waters

3) Emotional tears

These tears are actually high in the stress hormone - higher than any other tear your body produces.

How many of you cry in secret dealing with some personal stuff?

Why are we hiding this?

There is nothing to ashamed of. We all cry - we have to stop seeing it as a weakness.

You don't cry because your weak - you cry because your brain is dealing with an emotion that is overwhelming. It is toxic energies and stress in your body is now producing with the hormones. The crying allows the body to release it.

Crying has many beneficial things - too many to mention but to mention but a few.

1) it has a soothing effect which can regulate your emotions, calm themselves and reduce stress.

A 2014 study shows that crying has a direct soothing effect and activates the Parasympathic nervous system which help people relax. When you cry you are actually helping your body to relive stress, calm down and bring yourself back into center.

It shouldn't come as a surprise but a study done in 2016 shows that crying is primarily an attachment behavior and the reason why humans cry is because it rallies support with people around them. (a funeral) We are inherently social people - we want to be around other human beings so that is an interpersonal social benefit. I had to mention this- why hide it?

Your body is doing something gentility it knows what it needs to do! Its in our DNA that we want to be around people for support.

Crying - the act of crying

the tears of crying - that's the physical

Emotional support - from other people.

Did you know that crying can help reduce pain?

It is suggested that emotional tears release oxy toxins and other endorphins (feel good hormones)

These enhances our mood to make us feel better. Isn't that what it is all about?

Crying like I said releases toxic energies and negative energies that are poison to our bodies. Getting it out is necessary for our bodies -our self care and wellbeing.

So stop letting people make you feel like your wrong or less than because you have emotions - the one day you may find yourself crying! so cry and feel better for it!!

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